Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is the latest service provided for Bitcoin investors who doesnt want to maintain their own infrastructure.

As your service provider, we will commission the hardware to support the Hashpower you order in our datacenter, provide electricity, cooling, internet connectivity and 24×7 monitoring. In case of any hardware failures, we will take care of warranty or replacement with zero downtime to you. We can guarantee 99.999% uptime for the Hashpower we contract with you.

Each contract is valid for Two Years and you can maintain as many contracts as you wish. They will automatically expire after Two Years of in operation.

Cloud Mining services can be purchased in blocks of 1TH. With minimum being 1TH and with unlimited capacity, you can decide on your own budget and revenue and commission your miners.

Revenue generated will be credited to you Bitcoin Wallet provided at the time of sign up o daily basis and once the newly minted coins are in your wallet, they are all yours to spend or exchange to Sri Lankan Rupees via our exchange.